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Vintage Tin on a Vintage Trailer

Industrial Style Update for Airstream and Argosy Trailers and Motorhomes. At Camp Golf Eat, we update our Vintage Trailers with treasures found along our travels like vintage tin roofing. Super cheap and easy to install in a Vintage or New Trailer, Camper, 5th Wheel or RV. We were lucky to stumble across this vintage roofing… Continue reading Vintage Tin on a Vintage Trailer

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Easy Mojo Carnita Sopes

Easy Citrus Mojo Sopes that I made for my Spanish Class.  Sopes are a traditional dish that is native to Central and Southern Mexico.  They are little "boats" that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  They hold any ingredients that you want to put on top but most of the time… Continue reading Easy Mojo Carnita Sopes

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Scaly Mountain, NC AirBnB

Scaly Mountain, NC AirBnB offers privacy, comfort and an opportunity away from the hustle and bustle. If we are not traveling with our Vintage Argosy Trailer or Vintage Argosy Motorhome, then we usually look for an AirBnB.  Overwhelmingly, we have had great experiences with AirBnB.  Only once did we have an experience that was so… Continue reading Scaly Mountain, NC AirBnB

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Pickens Nose Hike and Photo Journal

  Our trip to the Western North Carolina Mountains would not be complete if we did not attempt to venture through the woods, hike up a mountain and find a super cool picture taking opportunity!  After some research, it appeared that Pickens Nose was the easiest to hike to and was super close to our… Continue reading Pickens Nose Hike and Photo Journal

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Otto Depot

  The Otto Depot is an everyday person's Pickers Dream.  Open to the Public! Usually, we talk about Camping, Golfing and Eating on this blog but occasionally we come across a place that is so unique or entertaining or special that we just HAVE to share it! That place is the Otto Depot in Otto,… Continue reading Otto Depot

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Quirky Tourists Stops: ATL to Highlands, NC

A fun weekend trip from Atlanta to Highlands, NC offers families and couples a quick getaway via 985, 246 and 441.   Western North Carolina includes the popular towns of Cashiers, Murphy along with Franklin and Highlands.  Franklin and Highlands are great locations for those in Atlanta and it's suburbs to get away to for… Continue reading Quirky Tourists Stops: ATL to Highlands, NC

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Barbasol 2017

You will find many stories about the Barbasol Tournament being an "alternative to the British Open" but I don't see it that way at all. I see the Barbasol as my "must watch" tournament just as the Masters is. As a Junior Golfer, it is my dream, my goal Tournament. Let me tell you why....… Continue reading Barbasol 2017

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Jr Golf Clinics at PGA Tournaments

  As Junior Golfers, we watch our favorite golfers on tv, follow them on Instagram and if we are lucky, see them play in a tournament. What you might not know is that most PGA Tournaments offer free Junior Golf Clinics hosted by a couple of PGA Pros. This is a chance to meet the… Continue reading Jr Golf Clinics at PGA Tournaments

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Fly Fishing for Kids: Flies

Fly Fishing really comes down to casting a "fly" into the water over and over again until a fish bites.  That fish could be a trout, bass, salmon, panfish or even a bonefish.  Whatever fish you are trying to catch, the fly you use will depend on where you are fishing and what time of… Continue reading Fly Fishing for Kids: Flies

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Fly Fishing for Kids: Reading the Water

 We talked about drag on the water and spooking fish when casting but how do you find the fish in the first place? A few basic bits of trout information:  trout seldom go far from their food source, they are known to be lazy and will rest behind objects, they need oxygen to survive so… Continue reading Fly Fishing for Kids: Reading the Water