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Fly Fishing for Kids: Casting

 The biggest difference between spin fishing and fly fishing is the way you cast. With spin fishing, you put your lure in the water and wait. With Fly Fishing, you do an artistic cast out over the water (over and over) until, hopefully, a fish strikes.  Fly casting takes a lot of practice but anyone… Continue reading Fly Fishing for Kids: Casting

Activities, Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing for Kids: Equipment

One of our favorite Camping Activities is Fly Fishing.  We stumbled upon it when we were looking for something to fill our time during a working trip to West Virginia.  My son and I decided to hire a Fly Fishing guide to teach us how to fly fish.  We were warned by MANY people that… Continue reading Fly Fishing for Kids: Equipment

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Drive, Chip, Putt – 2016

Drive, Chip, Putt is an initiative from the PGA to encourage kids into the sport of Golf. It tests kids from ages 7 to 15 on their skills for Driving the golf ball for distance as well as staying in bounds, three chips shots and three putt shots from different distances. There are many local… Continue reading Drive, Chip, Putt – 2016

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PGA JR League Team

Spring starts early down South.  With Spring’s arrival, the start of the golf season begins including PGA Jr League Golf Teams.  Beginning in April, these teams are forming across the Country to encourage more youth to enter the sport. PGA Jr League Golf Teams are a great way to expand your child’s love of golf from… Continue reading PGA JR League Team