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Bluehost Migration Tips

Recently, Camp. Golf. Eat migrated to Bluehost for self hosting.  It was not an easy transition and a lot did not work properly but you can learn from our experiences.  This post will only talk about migrating from to Bluehost along with


Why We Moved From

This one is easy to answer:  ability to add plug-ins and monetizing our blog.

Plug-In’s. does not allow you to add plug-ins.  What is a plug-in?  Think of them as mini programs that are specific to your needs or request.

Examples:  See those cute Social Media icons to the right?  You can’t add those cute icons on  You are stuck with what they give you.  This might seem like a silly example but it’s one of many.  Another good example is our recipe pages.  It is specific and customized because it’s a plug-in.  You can’t do that on

Monetizing.  Absolutely possible on IF you have tremendous volume of viewers AND if approves your application to SHARE the money.  Trust me, it ain’t much!  Once you Self host, you can place ads, sell content, Blog for money all without permission.  Why would you need permission?…..

Ownership.  I will throw in one little tiny other reason:  On, you do NOT own your content.  You think you do but you do not.  If does not like your content, they CAN AND WILL SHUT YOU DOWN.  It’s at their whim.  Now, I doubt that would have an issue with Camp.Golf.Eat’s content but you never know.  Our fear was if we gave a bad Campground or bad Golf Course review, who knows what could happen.  On, you own ALL of your content.


Self Hosting

We went with Bluehost because it was recommended as the best and easiest transition from to self hosting.  If that is accurate, I am not sure who is voting.  More on that later.  Honestly, do your research and select the one best for you.  Bluehost is the least expensive. to

Once you self host, you will “kind of, sort of” leave and migrate over to  They are different businesses and easily confused.  Their Dashboard will look identical to add to the confusion.   Here are the basic differences: allows you to customize, you own ALL your content and you can monetize. is a quick and efficient way to blog IF that is all you really want to do (and there is nothing wrong with that!).


Our opinion:

If you want to make your blog more of a business, go with

If you want to make your blog more of a hobby, personal blog and to join a community of bloggers, go with


Please note that it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of blogging, social media cross promotion, dedication and work to become a successful PAID blogger.  It ain’t easy.  If you do not want to pay, yearly, for Self Hosting and a Domain, just stick with the free


Hint: provides wordpress software. It does not host or manage your website. Your website uses software from  Your self hosting company likes you to use’s Dashboard to write your blog but there are ways to do it through if you transfer your domain to your self host.  Confusing?  Make it easy on yourself:  if you self host your blog on Bluehost, just download and use’s Dashboard.


Exporting from to Import to

We were unsuccessful after a dozen attempts.  Sorry.  We almost ditched Bluehost over this.  Contact their customer service if this happens to you.  We decided to start fresh and just copy/paste each post from our blog.  Not fun but easy.


Transferring your Domain from to

HERE is what NO ONE tells you, pay attention because this is THE MOST IMPORTANT part about migrating over to self host:  If you are transferring your Domain (ex. NOT, Bluehost WILL give you a temporary URL (ex. your full domain.  DO NOT CHANGE THAT DOMAIN NAME UNTIL AFTER TRANSFER!  We changed it and our entire new blog disappeared along with the Dashboard.  I couldn’t even gain access to change the URL back to the temp one.  After a chat screen session (always a minimum of 8 minutes to wait), an extremely nice rep had to totally reset our site.

Wait until AFTER you have received Domain Transfer Verification from Bluehost to change your Site URL and Home URL to your full domain.

BUT… and this is a great BUT, while you are waiting the 72+ hours for the Domain Transfer to be verified, you can start blogging, adding plug-ins, customizing themes, etc. on that funky temp URL.  It’s ok!  Everything will remain once your change from the example to


After Domain Transfer Verification

Once you received your verification, go ahead and go to your Bluehost Cpanel, under WordPress, select Settings.  Go ahead and change your URL here.

Only do this AFTER Domain Transfer! Trust me!

One Last Step

Once you change your Domain URL to your official and true domain, you will probably go check it out to make sure it worked.  The answer to this is YES…. and NO.  Yep, another quirk for us non-programming type of Bloggers that Bluehost does not tell you about.  It involves the HTAccess.  If you know how to fix this, great.  But, the easiest way to fix this is to bring up a chat screen with Bluehost Customer Service, tell them this:

My Domain Transfer has been completed and I need my HTAccess fixed.

Why?  Because your Home Page will come up BUT NOTHING ELSE WILL.  Let me tell ya, I was hot, red, angry, disturbed and about ready to throw my laptop when I saw nothing but 500 Errors.  The only thing I knew was that it was NOT ON MY END but it was on Bluehost’s end.  We have no access to their servers.  Whew!  I contacted Customer Service (and not very politely) asked them to fix my website or else.  Such a gentle, calm rep easily handled the situation and made it all better.  Another Whew!


We hope this helps someone along the way.  We had searched and searched for answers and could not find any.  Most of the fixes were so easy if only they had been documented BEFORE we messed up.

We want to leave you with another resource if you still have questions about or  Click Here for Another Blogger’s Opinion.

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