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Honeybun Strawberry Shortcake

Honeybun Strawberry Shortcake using store bought honey buns is absolutely yummy!  The sugar and cinnamon from the honey bun gives a slight savory taste to the sweet berries. 

On our last night camping at Richard B Russell State Park in Elberton, GA, I needed to find a good use for the leftover strawberries (from the strawberry milkshakes!). I had bought a box of honey buns and had three leftover. Perfect!

I sliced the strawberries and mixed with two teaspoons of sugar. Let this sit for a couple of hours to get all sugary and create a strawberry juice sauce. 

Place a soft sugary Honeybun in a glass. Top with strawberries from the mixture. Add a little bit of the strawberry juice. 

…and what would Strawberries do without Whipped Cream!  Absolutely yummy!  And quick!

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