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Travelogue: Auburn + Opelika, Part 2

Continuing our journey through Auburn + Opelika…

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Thursday, June 8th, 2017

New tire day!  It also seems like the never ending day to eat!  We had some seriously good grub from Auburn and Opelika all day!

Dropped off three tires (one that shredded on the road and the other two that were about to shred on the road) to Tire Engineers in Auburn.  They ordered the tires the day before and got the new tires remounted in less than an hour.  Talk about service!  This place was pretty busy doing oil changes too so the locals must like this place as much as we did.

For a late breakfast, it was Alabama BBQ from Mike and Ed’s in Auburn.  When in Alabama, you have to try their BBQ, right?  You could smell Mike and Ed’s blocks away.  So while the tires were getting remounted, our stomachs were getting fed.  I had read the reviews and was already warned that the staff taking your orders were “curt” and that didn’t bother me.  I chatted with the lady taking my order and she chatted back.  I also was not there when it was super busy.  I ordered the Camp.Golf.Eat. standard BBQ order:  ribs and a pork sandwich.

A couple of Alabama-centric things to keep in mind when getting BBQ:  they love mustard sauces and the pork is chipped, not pulled.

I’m a pulled pork kind of gal so the chipped thing is not my thing but the pork sandwich was ok.  I loved that they added a relish and pickles on top.  They sauced it prior to serving and it definitely needed some more.  Sadly, the ribs were just too tough.  They did not fall off the bone and did not have a lot of flavor.  They need at least another hour of cooking.  The BBQ Beans were fabulous!  I could eat a gallon every day for breakfast.  Trust me… order the BBQ Beans.  Interestingly, the potato salad was homemade.  I always assume that the potato salad at BBQ joints is bought prepared.  This potato salad was so tasty!  Admittedly, I did add some Old Bay.  Hey, I’m a Maryland girl and I was raised that Old Bay goes on everything potato related.


If you follow us on Instagram, then you might have seen a local restaurant like a lot of our Auburn + Opelika pictures.  They intrigued us to check them out.  The restaurant, The Depot, is just on the edge of the Main Auburn Historical District.  They offer fresh seafood dishes and daily specials.  Today’s special was the Black and Blue Shrimp with Blue Grits.  Let’s just put this out there now… this was THE BEST meal all week and probably all year!  Do yourself a favor and don’t leave Auburn without a stop by The Depot.  Their Sunday Brunch was highly recommend as well.


After remounting three tires back on our Argosy and eating BBQ and Shrimp and Grits, it was time for a nap.  Unfortunately, the nap would have to wait because the Auburn Farmer’s Market at A.G. Field was beginning.  All I could think about was getting my hands on farm fresh fruit and vegetables.  Sadly, we did not bring enough cash for the market.  I was crushed to have to put back the green beans, peaches, yellow squash and tomatoes.  The kind farmer offered to take a check.  Mike replied, “What is a check?”  The joke did not amuse the farmer.  So… if you go, bring A LOT OF CASH!



We had a little time to kill after our disappointing adventure at the Farmer’s Market so we decided to check the golf camp schedule to see where our son was playing golf.  Lucky for us, it was not too far away at the Auburn University Club.  So, we decided to do a little recon and check it out.  At quick detour to the Auburn University Club golf course gave us a sighting of the coolest vehicle in town but no view of our son golfing.  On to Opelika…




Today was pretty hot in Auburn.  We had loaded up the pups for our errands and for a trip to Opelika to walk around.  Mike was born in Opelika and has never really visited and explored the town.  Opelika is working hard to revitalize itself.  Auburn is the big University town, Opelika is the quaint small town.  They really do go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Opelika has an awesome Historic District with trendy small stores, popular restaurants, a brewery and a distillery.   The Historic District is located “On The Tracks” and trains do run through here.


In our opinion, there is only one central location to go for grub that offers a dog friendly patio:  The Shared Patio of John Emerald Distillery and the Red Clay Brewing Company.


Never in our adult life owning dogs have we EVER found such a dog friendly spot with such great food and drink!  The separate owners of both the Distillery and Brewery were so kind to us bringing four crazy terriers to their establishments.  The two businesses are next door to each other and share a long front patio.  The pizza from Red Clay Brewery was fantastic!  It’s the type of pizza that you dream of:  crisp bottom with a chewy top and air bubbles around the melted cheese and very generous tasty toppings.  The beer?  Well, it’s mandatory!  To top off a relaxing sunset, after the dogs figured out we were here to stay, freshly muddled martinis from John Emerald Distillery.  Our reward of deciding to spend a relaxing evening in Opelika?  A visit from the train and a “Bless You” as we left to head back to the campground.



Wonderful Downtown Opelika….



Friday, June 9th, 2017

Back from Golf Camp


Any parent knows that when you kiddo comes back from camp, they are starving!  It was time for Nick to experience the culinary delights of Auburn + Opelika.  We visited Chucks BBQ in Opelika and he had their famous fried chicken and kool-aid for the first time ever.  I really felt like a bad Mom that he’s over 13 years old and never had kool-aid.  Dinner that night was a quiet night at the Campground before headed back to the ATL the next day.



In a nutshell, we love Auburn + Opelika.  Can’t wait to go back!!


Enjoy these random Auburn + Opelika pictures from our trip….


 Just a friendly reminder, that we did not receive free or at a discount any product, food, service, etc.  We paid full price for everything you see on this Travelogue.  Our opinions are solely ours.  Everyone has an opinion and everyone has different experiences, we are basing ours on what we personally observed, eat or visited.
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