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Jr Golf Clinics at PGA Tournaments

2017 Barbasol Jr Clinic

As Junior Golfers, we watch our favorite golfers on tv, follow them on Instagram and if we are lucky, see them play in a tournament. What you might not know is that most PGA Tournaments offer free Junior Golf Clinics hosted by a couple of PGA Pros. This is a chance to meet the Pro Golfers up close, ask a question and see them practice. You can usually snag an autograph too!


Dru Love and Davis Love III

Recently, I attended the 2017 Barbasol Championship’s Junior Clinic where Davis Love III and his son Davis “Dru” Love IV demonstrated a couple of tips and then hit a couple of balls through some Barbasol shaving cream.



I love seeing the Pro’s have fun with our sport while giving some great golf tips.  Having the opportunity to meet some of Golf’s greatest and some of Golf’s future at these Junior Clinics is a unique opportunity that I never miss.  This is just another way the PGA keeps the Junior Golfers engaged when planning tournaments.  The Pros, the ones we look up to and follow, give their time during tournaments and give us hope that one day we can stand where they are encouraging a new generation.

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