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Otto Depot


The Otto Depot is an everyday person’s Pickers Dream.  Open to the Public!

Usually, we talk about Camping, Golfing and Eating on this blog but occasionally we come across a place that is so unique or entertaining or special that we just HAVE to share it! That place is the Otto Depot in Otto, NC just South of Franklin, NC on RT 441.

Non-paid review.

Believe it or not, we did have a valid “camping” reason for stopping here. We need a replacement closet door for our Argosy Travel Trailer and wanted a couple pieces of reclaimed barnwood for our Argosy Motorhome


Our hope was to find something that we could make into a closet door for the Argosy Trailer. Our original idea was an old screen door, reclaimed beadboard or old shutters. There were some options but we just could not find exactly what we were looking for.

With not finding anything to work for a closet door, time to dig through some barnwood for decorating a wall on the Argosy Motorhome. The idea is to have different colors of reclaimed barnwood to cover a small wall in the Motorhome. Otto Depot had a large selection of reclaimed wood along with chippy painted wood and chippy painted bead board. The problem was that it was more thicker than we anticipated.

We noticed there were several “tiles” of tin outside that could be interesting on the wall but they would require a lot of work to clean them up as well as install them. Luckily, there were several sheets of tin further out in the yard. There were some seriously old tin roof shingles, newer green shingles and several spray painted silver shingles. We went with the silver shingles.


Now we need to decide if we are going to pay $40 for this super cool light to go over the Motorhome’s door:

Enjoy these additional pictures from Otto Depot. Make sure to stop by whenever you are near. It’s definitely worth a visit!






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