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Camp Golf Eat provides reviews of Campgrounds and Golf Courses around the Globe. Our main focus is Golf Tournaments and Camps from the Junior Perspective to grow the sport.  Our writing service is available for Corporate Events, Golf Courses, Campgrounds and Franchises, In House Magazines and Online Magazines.

It all started with a love of Vintage Airstreams. We bought an (Airstream) Argosy trailer, fixed it up, went camping.  We quickly realized that everywhere we were camping there was a golf course (or five) at the Campground or nearby. So, the golf clubs became the first thing on our packing list. Add in food and it’s the perfect trio!

Camping. 🌲

In this section of the Blog will be campground reviews, best campsite locations, campground activities and fees. Helpful tidbits might include wifi access, laundry facilities, bath houses as well as camping with pets.  There are many different types of camping: Boondocking, State Parks, National Parks, Resort Campgrounds, Timeshare Campgrounds, etc.

Golf. ⛳️

In this section of the Blog will be golf course reviews, golf camp reviews, golfing for juniors and the in’s and out’s of tournaments. We try to pick campgrounds that include a golf course but not always. If we go to a golf course, we review it whether we camp nearby or not. The primary goal is to enjoy camping at a campground with a golf course but that doesn’t always happen.  You might be surprised to find out that several PGA Pro’s use RV’s as their main mode of transportation.

Eat. 🍔

In this section of the Blog will include recipes that we personally used while camping, store bought shortcuts and menu plans.  Hamburger and Hotdogs are wonderful but a week’s worth of them is tough to tolerate. We do not “dummy down” food just because we are camping.

We are not “rustic” in our cooking.  You will not find “typical” camp fire recipes here. Our goal is not to live off the grid or convert our trailer to a “small home”.  We are a lifestyle of travel where we experience the best the United States has to offer in Camping, Golfing and Eating.  We believe that great food and good conversation are always in style no matter how you choose to travel.

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NOTE:  If you find a campground or golf course has improved or worsen than our reviews, please let us know so we can update the conditions.


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