Dinner in the Woods at the Campground


While camping, we usually cook all of our meals at our campsite and rarely eat out. These are are tried and true favorites personally made by us.

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My Recipes
PavlovaA Beautiful Dessert that tastes just like a Macaroon with Fresh Berries and Whipped Cream.
Asian Noodles and TofuChinese Style Take Out Noodles with ingredients you already have!  Quick, easy and oh so tasty! Add in your favorite veggies and Chicken or stick with Tofu.
Greek Mediterranean Mixed SaladThis Mediterranean Greek Mixed Salad is filled with flavor, texture and healthy ingredients.  Take this basic recipe and add in your favorite items like salami, cucumbers or tuna.  Not a fan of Greek Dressing?  Try Italian or Blue Cheese Vinaigrette!
Short Ribs
Grilled Short RibsWith ease, well seasoned Grilled Short Ribs can be the best meal at the Campground. It will definitely have your camping neighbors walking by to see where that wonderful smell is coming from. Don't be surprised if they invite themselves to dinner!
Easy Charcuterie TrayWhen spending a day with activities or after 18 holes of golf, we are usually starving for a healthy and hearty snack before Dinner. A quick and easy way to tame the hunger is a Charcuterie Tray. Grab the meat from your local Deli. To save time, I place my Deli Meat order online.
Naan Grilled PizzaOne of our favorite and easiest appetizers while camping is Naan Bread Pizza. It is so quick to put together! Naan pizza gives you a crispy brick oven type of crust with pillows of soft chewiness on top. Perfect! All in 5 minutes! Want to make it into a Main Dish? Add a salad on the side.


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