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Restaurant Review: The Depot

During our recent week in Auburn + Opelika, we kept hearing about a fabulous restaurant called The Depot.  The Depot is located just off the main historical area of Downtown Auburn and really close to our campground, Auburn RV Park at Leisure Time.  Seriously, everywhere we went and I asked for a restaurant suggestion, The… Continue reading Restaurant Review: The Depot

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Travelogue: Auburn + Opelika, Part 1

Experience our Week in Auburn + Opelika from June 5th to June 11th, 2017.   This trip revolved all around Auburn University Golf Camp.  Our son narrowed down the choices to Auburn's or Clemson's Summer Golf Camp.  Thankfully, he picked Auburn because there are not any decent campgrounds that have the wifi requirements we need… Continue reading Travelogue: Auburn + Opelika, Part 1